Ant Script Visualizer

Welcome to the Ant Script Visualizer!

What exactly is the Ant Script Visualizer?

Where is the legend? What do the shapes and colors mean?

Using the Ant Script Visualizer

What's left to do?

Bugs, bugs, bugs....

How do I get program updates?

Contacting me

How to install this application:

  • Download GraphViz. This is what actually generates the graphics files (my program just generates the data files in a format that GraphViz understands).
  • Download Java 6(Windows users only - Macs have this already installed in OSX (you may have to turn Java 6 on). If you already have a 1.6 JRE installed on your system, you won't need this (WebStart is included in the JRE).
    • Accept all dialogs, ignore the dire warning that you may have to reboot your system - you don't.
  • Launch the Ant Script Visualizer program
    • Accept all dialogs.
    • If it asks to load a newer version of Java or WebStart, say "yes".
    • Ignore the warnings about installing software on your system. I'm using the free version of Sun's WebStart architecture, and the cost of that is annoying dialogs like this for the users.
    • Launch it twice from this web page and it'll install icons on to your desktop and start menu. You won't have to visit this site again to run the appliation after that.
    • You'll always have the most up-to-date version - it updates to new versions automatically!
    • You'll never have to reinstall or upgrade!
    • You don't need to be connected to the Internet (or this server) to use the application, but if you are connected, it will update itself if necessary.

    Why Java WebStart?

  • It works with any platform.
  • You always have the latest version.
  • It's too much work for me to make a server version of this.
  • Easy storage of user preferences.
  • If you've got PDF capability, it'll use it - server version wouldn't be able to do it (PDF is only on Mac)
  • This is easier than InstallAnywhere, and allows user to upgrade more easily.
  • I like Swing GUI apps!