Ant Script Visualizer

Bugs, bugs, bugs....

Ok, so nothings perfect. Especially my code!

If you do come across a bug, please let me know about it! My contact details are here. Please try to provide as much detail as you can about what the problem was and what you were doing. Including the build files is obviously a HUGE help for me in trying to duplicate the problem. And, stack traces are always great (you can turn on the Java console in the WebStart advanced options screen).

There are no real show-stopping bugs that I know of - but there are features not yet implemented.

  • Properties are currenly read in from the sytem environment, properties files, and explicit property declarations. They arenít currently read in from URLs, classpath, and proabably will never be determined from run-time dynamic declarations (where the flow of execution determines the value).
  • The subant task isnít implemented yet.
  • Some of the lesser-used tasks (at least, Iím not using them) which may have dependencies.