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Here you will get a few answers and a few advise.

Aviation design could be simple... Let's see if we succeed in showing you in a simple way how to design an airplane (model or full-size).

A word on your goals

First you need to know what you want to achieve. Therefore it is important to know what is necessary in a certain type of airplane. Once you decided what the goals are of your design, you need to search a way to achieve them.

The forces

To understand how you can achieve your goal, you need to have some basic knowledge of the forces on an airplane. Here I will try to explain what lift is, what types of drag there are. Once you gained that part, you will be more able to understand the basic wing design.

Basic wing design

Here you will see how performance changes when changing the form of the wing.

Can someone help me create a program, which uses a simple way to get the performance of a wing and see the performance change if you change the form of the wing? I want to make it as a freeware. See the sector Basic wing design to know what I am looking for.

Goal of your design

The Forces

Basic wingdesign

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