I drew down some of my "brainchildren". I am not a professional airplane designer, I am an amateur with only some model experience. So I am not sure they work like I hope they will.

I have not the time to make any experiments with these things. Feel free to try them out. If you do, please, report me if it worked well or bad. And if you could send me some picture of your experiment, I will be pleased to place it on the page of the item. Pictures can be send to my e-mail. Please don't overload my e-mailbox. Reduce the picture to a JPG-file and give it a maximum width of 600 points.

If you are a professional and you could give me some advise, please do. I will put your comments on these pages. Your comment could help those who experiment with models.

Asymmetric flying wing


I am not responsible for any accidents with material or physical damage while experimenting with these designs. But let that not disturb your fun while experimenting.

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