A site about weird airplanes

Edition 6
I will never hide that I am not a professional aircraft designer. So I cannot guarantee that the theory inside this site is true or complete. I will try to be as correct as my resources when it comes to info about existing airplanes. Sometimes I add some critics when describing a plane. My apologies if they are not based on truths. I have to relate on my limited resources of info and on my even more limited knowledge of the theory.
I hope that this site can be a source of info for any beginner in aviation. I hope to assure him that even as a beginner the theory can be interesting to learn more about and that with this limited info he can start his first steps in aircraft design using free flight or radio controlled models.
For professional I hope that this site can be a source of inspiration. It contains a lot of designs with specific but unusual solutions to specific problems. I also did add some of my own ideas. I repeat: based on my limited knowledge.
Have fun in aviation and spread the virus that makes you willing to fly.

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