Nurflügel Links

Marske Flying Wings - Maker of the Pioneer and Monarch flying wing sailplanes.

B2Streamlines - Specialty books for modelers.

The Planes of Fame Museum - They have an Ho IV and an N-9M, along with many other great planes!

The Tiger Page - A nice page with lots of great links

The Wester Museum of Flight - Home of the surviving Northrop JB-1 Bat!

NASA Dryden's Photo Archive - a veritable gold mine of pictures and information about many of the X planes and others. Check it out!

Airfoils for Flying Wings and Tailless Airplanes - A great page with airfoil data for flying wings, as well an online airfoil analysis program.

Desktop Aeronautics, Inc. Some interesting software and information available here.

The Vintage Sailplane Association - Great old sailplanes here - check it out!

The Silent Wings Page - Devoted to R/C electric planes, includes a Horten IX, a Northrop XB-35

Soviet Wings - Some great stuff here on the Soviet air programs

FMX-4 "Facetmobile" faceted lifting body homepage - Barnaby and Lynne Wainfan's page on their unique vehicle

Kim and Dean Rosenlof's Flying Wing page - ???

Academy of Model Aeronautics - The AMA's website (no, not that AMA!)

Frank's German Jets Page - Some real goodies here!

Flight Simulator Toolkit Page - A flight simulator, with models of various planes, including some of the experimental German WWII aircraft

Luft '46 - Covers a large variety of German experimental designs

TWITT - The Wing is the Thing. Their e-mail address is:

Akira Sahara's STRANGE MECHANISM PAGE This page covers a wide variety of strange and unique planes.


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