Information Credits

The pictures on this page come from a variety of sources:

Almost all of the Horten text and pictures come from the excellent book " Nurflügel ", by Dr. Reimer Horten and Peter Selinger, and is used with the kindly permission of Jan Scott.

  • The wonderful color photographs (and many black and white) of the Horten IV at Missippi State University are presented through the generosity of Dez George-Falvy and the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.
  • The Horten Brothers and their All Wing Aircraft, by David Myhra. An excellent biography of the Horten brothers, with over 700 photos.
  • Winged Wonders, by E.T. Wooldrige of the Smithsonian Institution
  • Unconventional Aircraft, by Peter M. Bowers
  • The X-Planes, by Jay Miller.
  • Much of the Lippisch information came from German Jet Genesis, by David Masters.
  • An invaluable source of information on John Northrop is Ted Coleman's Jack Northrop and the Flying Wing.
  • General background information comes from my degree in Aeronautical Engineering, which I obtained from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.
  • And I shouldn't forget the many people who have emailed me with information and suggestions for this site.

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