Most designers choose to follow the known steps in aviationdesign. Mostly the endresult will look the same as the project of another designer, who follows the same route.

Sometimes a designer chooses to follow his own yellow-brick road. These designs can be succesfull or be a mayor disaster. A certain succes is not garanteed. But that is mostly the fun in such a project.

Many such designs are being calling "ridiculous". But sometimes a designer walked a new road and made something that did function well or even was a improvement. Still most people remain sceptic and the designer will have a problem to get his design commercialy a succes.

Some designers die before their "brain-child" gets build and flown. Maybe you could finish such a project in a succesfull flying prototype. If you try to do this, be sure to contact the designers firm or family. There could be a copyright! But maybe a widow would love to see the project of her husband finished and will cooperate. Who knows.

Help needed

A few of my thoughts

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I hope that this list will be an inspiration to all designers (model, commercial, military or daydreamers). It surely was a inspiration to me. If you are looking for more inspiration, check "A few of my thoughts". There you will find some designs I made, but can't finish. Feel free to use them. No copyrights on my side.

And if you feel like an artist and you could make a nice picture of my designs, your help would be appriciated. Any help at all is welcome.

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