This is an aviation-site.


What is Nest of Dragons?

All the designs in this site have one common item. They are weird. To most, these designs would look like a dragon. You didn't know they did exist, you wonder if they really can fly, you find them ugly or beautiful.

What can you find in this site?

I try to support the manufacturers of weird designs as much as possible. Sometimes a small firm has not the possibility or the knowledge to create an own site. I like to help by making a non-commercial (no-prices mentioned) page about their product.

If you are new in aviation, you will find some easy to read explications about some weird designs and a theory section, which will help you to understand aviation design.

If you don't understand a word, go see "Say what?"

"A few of my thoughts"

Weird aviationdesigns

A small, cheap flying wing

If you are not so new, you can find (in some chapters) more detailed, technical info in question/answer-style.

Also you get lots of links towards official sites of manufacturers, historical pages about exciting weird ones or theory-sites about airplane design.

I like to draw and think out loud, so you will find some thoughts (designs) of me. They will only be proposals. If you like the ideas, feel free to use them. No copyright on my side. But please, if it is a successful idea, do not ask for a patent. I want my ideas available for everyone.

Feel free to copy my own designs-files. If you feel like an artist, please, help me to make some nice graphics of these designs. E-mail me and I send you the file. Thanks on advance.

If you've seen a wrong link, an untruth or a typing error (and those will not be hard to find). Or if you want to make a nice graphic of my designs. E-mail me at: