My museum visits

Sometimes I have the chance to visit a museum or a manufacturer of special airplanes. If I do I will place here my pictures so you can enjoy them as well.

11-mars-2000: Air Est Services (France); the manufacturer of the Pelican (small motorized flying wing)

Click picture to get to my page about the Pelican

10-june-2000: Science Museum (United Kingdom, London)

Here I got the opportunity to see the Hill Pterodactyl Mark I and a Messerschmidt Me 163 B Komet. I also saw a model of the annular wing of Lee Richards. If you like to known more about these kinds of airplanes, go see the weird designs sections. Especially the page about flying wings and low aspect ratio (or tandem)

11-june-2000: Imperial War Museum (United Kingdom, London)

A general view in the museum.

This museum houses a nice Heinkel He 162 Salamander.

I also add some of my personal pictures at this museum.

Here you can see Marjolijn having her best time at the museum.
...Euh... each has his interests.

Now a little quiz: What did Marjolijn say here?

  1. "Daddy, isn't that a B-17?"
  2. "Look, it doesn't have wings!"
  3. "Woef, woef. Nice doggy."



Answer: none of the above, she doesn’t speak English!

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