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1) Lifting bodies

Lifting bodies: the history
A subdirectory of the Nurflugel-site. Describes most known lifting bodies.

2) Flying wings

Flying wings by different designers
My most favorite site. Designs by Horten, Lippisch, Northrop and Fauvel. Swepted and unswepted designs. Good technical papers for further study. A excellent Mailinglistgroup (members from all over the world)! .

Flying wings by Jim Marske
The official site of Jim Marske's unswepted glider-designs. Shown models are Pioneer and Monarch. Includes Monarch Builders Manual (construction of the wings)! They also have their our conference board.

Flying wings by Fauvel
The site dedicated to the unswepted glider- and motorized design of the deceased French designer Fauvel. This site is also mirrored in the Nurflugel-site.

Flying wings: the theory
This site can be a great help when designing your first flying wing. Easy reading and useful, easy formulas. Good help on choosing twist and CG-position. Explore this site further to get to the more detailed theory.

Development of the SWIFT (tailless foot-launched sailplane)
The SWIFT is a rigid wing hangglider. It has sweep and winglets. The pilot is not proned. Control is done by using a sidestick.

SWIFT (tailless foot-launched sailplane) NEW edition 6
This page gives a lot of reports and other info about the SWIFT. Most reports are written by pilots not-commercialy related to the manufacteror.

Millennium (tailless foot-launched sailplane) NEW edition 6
A good representation about this advanced hangglider. It was a further development of the SWIFT. It has folding wings. 

Flying wings by Hill
Hill was designing flying wings between the two world wars. His designs were named Pterodactyl.

Flying wings by Mitchell
Mitchell passed away, but his designs are still in production. Shown models are B-10 and U-2. Both are unswept and use his "stabilators". These controlsurfaces are hung under the trailing edge.

Exulans (tailless foot-launched glider with adjustable wing sweep)
This foot-launched design has a unique feature. Variable sweep! Check it out!

Some design-advise by Jim Hammond
A short technical paper with some tips in modeldesign.

C-wing by Ilan Kroo (a tail-on-tip flying wing concept)
A new design with possibilities. The page is a section in a LARGE aviation technical handbook. Make sure to explore the site to get to the more detailed theory.

The Messerschmidt Me 163 Komet
The first rocket-powered fighter. A WW II design by the German Lippisch.

Flying wings by Boris Ivanovich Cheranovsky
Russian flying wings by Boris Ivanovich Cheranovsky (+ 17 Dec 1960). The shown models are BICh-1 to BICh-26 (1924 - 1948). It requires some work to find all the models. The links are not so logical.

Blended Wide Body (BWB) project of NASA   NEW
edition 4
The official page about a flying wing commercial airplane. It would carry 800 passengers.

Bok-5 by V.A. Chizhevskij
A single page on this design. A lightweight, powered, single seat, tailless glider. Loadfactor +8.

3) Canards
4) Tandem wings

Mignet Aviation   NEW
edition 5
The official page of THE Mignet factory lead by Alain Mignet. Here you can see the Mignet Balerit and the more advanced Mignet Cordouan.   NEW
edition 6  NEW edition 6  NEW edition 6

5) Asymmetric planes Revised edition 5

Asymmetric planes   NEW
edition 6
The site of Igor A. Shestakov. A collection of most (or all) WW II asymmetrical airplanes, the Ares and the Boomerang. Also a few own designs. Real cute ones.

BV 141 Picture
AD-1 Picture

Boomerang picture

6) Low Aspect Ratio airplanes

Vought-Sikorsky V-173 & Vought XF5U (flying pancake)
This site has of both designs three-view pictures and the technical data.

Vought-Sikorsky V-173 (flying pancake)
A single page about this design. A front-side picture of the design on the ground.

A interesting design by Barnaby Wainfan. Looks like a combination of the F-117 StealthFighter and the Vought V-173 "flying pancake" of Zimmerman.

"Wingless airplane"  NEW
edition 4
A interesting story about a interesting airplane designed by Horton (no, no Horten). Many pictures of this weird design. The first prototype did look like a straight wing with plates at the end. Passengers were seated inside the "wing-body".

Winggrid  NEW
edition 4
A device that can help create a low aspect ratio. It looks like a set of feathers on the wingtip (just like my "Birdwing" (I admit they had the idea first; I didn't know their work while working on my idea). The designers give design-support to any homebuilder who wants to build a variant to their proof-of-concept airplane. I really believe in this idea.

7) Forward swepted

Flying wings by Jim Marske
The official site of Jim Marske's unswepted glider-designs (all forward swepted). Shown models are Pioneer and Monarch. Includes Monarch Builders Manual (construction of the wings)! They also have their our conference board.

8) Ground effect
9) Weird fuselages
10) Weird landinggear
11) Weird engineplace
12) Giants

Airliner #4 by Bel Geddes  NEW edition 4
A site with drawings of this enormous flying wing. Sure a good site if you like utopia ideas. The site has some other interesting items as well.

13) Twins

14) Parasites

edition 5
A clear explanation about these two projects.

15) VTOL and STOL
16) Other good sites, but not related to one of the above.

The last German designs of WW II
A good site showing most of the not finished projects at the end of WW II. It has many pictures of these designs. Some are very, very handsome computer generated 3D images. Must be seen. One of my personal favorites.

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