Lippisch P.11


Flying wing jet fighter




Two Junkers Jumo 004B turbojets 900 kg static thrust each


10.80 m

Wing Area

50.0 m2

Aspect Ratio



7.0 m


3,000 km

Maximum Speed

1,200 km/h @ 5,900 m


7,260 kg


Two MK 103 30 mm cannon

After his time with the Darmstadt and Munich universities team Lippisch turned his attentions in 1944 to more warlike aircraft, whereupon he seems to have once more received the backing of the RLM.

 Dating from 1944, the P.11 appears to have been designed in at least two forms. The first to come to light was a flying-wing fighter with a short nose, bubble canopy, end wing leading edges swept back at less than 45. The trailing edges were straight, apart from a cutout in the center section, and the wingtips were cut off square. A pair of triangular fins were located on either side of the center-section cutout, and two Jumo 004 turbojets exhausted below and between them. An air intake was positioned in each wing leading edge on either side of the nose section. Fuel was to be carried in large tanks in each wing.

 Lippisch P. 11, fighter version This version was to be developed in parallel with the Ho 229 flying-wing fighter, according to the minutes of a meeting of German aircraft development program planners on November 21 and 22, 1944. It was proposed that the Lippisch P.11 fighter would be further developed in collaboration with the Henschel aircraft company. A second version was similarly powered but was slightly larger, with a wing span of 41 ft (12.60m) and a length of 26 ft 6 in (8.07m). The cockpit canopy was removed from the upper surface and the pilot was located in the extreme nose behind a flush-fitting canopy. It was described as being designed for high speed bombing duties and based on the tailless Me 265 bomber project, with estimated maximum speed given as 560 mph at 32,800 ft (900 km/hr at 10,000 m)

September 1942 version of the P.11


December 1942 version of the P 11


Beautiful drawing of a P 11 in an attack dive

Version P 11-121 was designed in May of 1943 in two versions

The P.11-121 wind tunnel test model

Artist's sketch of the P.11-121