The NASM Ho IV Restoration

This H IV restoration is completed at Oberschleissheim near Munich. The wings are original but the center section is entirely scratch-built.

The restoration site is at an active civil airfield about 10 km or so from Munich. The official name is Deutsches Museum München und Flugwerft Oberschleissheim. Peter Harnickel is chief restorer, project leader, and official historian for the Ho IV project but Reinhold Stadler has helped Peter research several obscure questions related to the project.

The wings are original to the airframe Wrk. Nr. 26, D-10-1452/LA-AD. This is the H IV that Scheidhauer flew against the Darmstadt D.30 flown by Hans Zacher [this is described in "Nurflügel", p103]

Peter built a new center section, ground-up from scratch. The pictures do not do justice to Peter's craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is an outstanding job. When Peter showed me the project last July, about 3/4 of the major work was finished.

All photographs courtesy of Russ Lee and the NASM.