I’ve written a series of programs for my own use which others may also find useful. They’re all free, and when I get around to documenting the source, open source.

They’re all written in Java and use Java Web Start, so they’ll run on just about any OS.

Please, let me know if you like these programs. They’ll only get better if I get feedback. And, if you think of something that’d make a cool program, let me know.

  • Nurflugel Picture Brower. - Nurflugel Picture Browser makes creating web pages for your photos or MP3 collections easy. Like to annotate your picture collections with text? Add new pic
  • Ant Script Visualizer - Ant Script Visualizer is a program I've written to make visualizing how your Ant targets and scripts are related to one another.
    Ever take a look at an Ant build script and, although perfectly readable, not really "see" all the dependencies between targets? What targets depend on a certain taskdef? Or a macrodef? Do macrodefs rely on other macrodefs? And all those imported Ant scripts - where do they fit in? This program was designed to show that, by importing your Ant scripts and creating graphic file representations of them.
  • NAnt Script Visualizer - Once I get the Ant Script Visualizer more fully-featured, I’ll port it to NAnt (they’re very, very similar).
  • Struts Visualizer - Not quite ready for release, this shows the relationships of screens and flows as defined in the Struts config file.
  • Doodler - I guess you could use it for a screen saver - this draws interesting screen patterns. Fun, and totally pointless.
  • Intellij IDEA plugin tutorial - I recently wrote my first plugin for IDEA (see the Configurator plugin), and went through a lot of searching and painful learning while doing so. I really wished that somebody had written a good tutorial to help me get started. So, I started working on this. I’d appreciate feedback!